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For a patient to have an experience that is responsive, assuring and more empathetic, it is important to strike at the roots of the primitive information systems.

It needs to be demolished and replaced by an environment where information and service flows encourage the stakeholders in a person's health to value and deliver their sum-total experience.

At DocWise, we toil day and night to build simple solutions that let one share their health condition with those who care - fast and easy!
Pep up Patient Engagement
Send / receive messages and calls from your patients in a very non-intrusive way. Finally, a channel truly dedicated for your patients!
Separate Work and Play
No contact exchange. So, no untimely patient queries on WhatsApp, Calls or SMSes. Your personal space is yours, again!
Get Paid
Get paid for the convenience you provide. Your patient saves time and hassle of visiting the clinic everytime.
Location Agnostic
You practice out of 4 locations? Not a problem - DocWise is still for you. It is a clinic agnostic product.
Safe & Secure
All data exchanged is visible to you and your patient and is securely backed up in cloud servers. Your data is safe - really safe.
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